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Far and Away... 

Greetings and Salutations!!  

It's been a while, I know. I will try to get to a post filling you in on all the crazy goings-on as of late, but THIS post is for something special. The launching of my NEW music video for Away!!! 

No big fanfare with this one. I didn't do a countdown or make a big announcement. It's a quiet song, with a quiet video, and a quiet meaning, but one that resonates with many of us.  

The concept for this video was a simple one: letting go. The idea that when one loses a…

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Earth, Home, and Cats... 

"Geez Jenn, what did you fall off the planet or something?"

It's true. I have not been out playing gigs lately, so if that's the only place you're used to seeing me, then I guess it probably does seem like I fell off the planet... or something.

I assure you I still exist, and currently reside on the planet commonly known as "Earth." And despite certain appearances to the contrary, I have been B-B-BUSY!

What am I up to?

Well, first, and foremost, in case you haven't heard already, I have released my FIRST…Read more

"It's not always a pleasant place... but it's Home..." 

*Trigger Warning: Parts of the following blog post may be distressing to some struggling with depression, addiction, self-harm, and/or suicidal thoughts"

Back in July, 2015 at my IndieGogo invite-only performance, I read the following:


"Down the rabbit hole. That's what I call it - what I have called it, for some time now. You fall, you tumble, you go down, down, down through the black to the depths, and slam like a truck right into the dirt. You try to claw your way out and your fingers bleed. You feelRead more

"Always Keep Fighting" -- My thoughts on "Window" 

(Post originally published on under the "News" heading on July 24, 2015)

I've been giving this a lot of thought.  

And pardon me for maybe getting a bit confessional on this... 

The past several days have just been... overwhelming for me.  

Tomorrow (or, today, depending on how long it takes me to write and post this) begins a celebration of an achievement I, at times, never thought I'd reach. I'm stunned by the support I've already received in so, so many ways. I am beyond…

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Days 6 and 7 -- Captain's Log: Stardates 2015.66 and 2015.67 

March 7th and 8th -- studio time not just once, but TWICE! Woot!!

But first... a word from our sponsors:  

Earlier in the week, I was sent the first rough images of album ARTWORK!! I've been discussing ideas with my friend Amanda Hunisch, who will be doing the designing, and she sent me the beginning stages of our ideas! They were awesome! We worked within that, and added some new ideas, and will be meeting next week to go over the new stuff! SO, not only is the recording process in full swing, but now so is…Read more

Day 5 -- Captain's Log: Stardate 2015.60 

Another winter weekend.

Another Sunday.

Another planned day in the studio.

...And another giant middle finger from Mother Nature.

Now, I'm not generally one to complain about the winter, especially in the dead of it in northeastern Pennsylvania. I mean, I've lived here all my life - and spent time in Rochester, NY besides, which is a whole 'nother ball of snow, so THIS? Is nothing. It's also very expected. So I don't complain much. I generally like the snow, I don't detest cleaning it off my sidewalk or car…Read more

Day 4 -- Captain's Log: Stardate 2015.46 -- "This Weather is Stupid" 

Yup. This weather is stupid. 

'Twas the greeting from Big Tom upon my entrance to Side B Studios on Day 4 of Window recording.

And it could not have been more accurate, or more fitting, for the day at hand.


February 15th dawned the iciest of colds, with brutal gusting winds billowing snow over roadways, across windshields, into faces, and chilling the bones of even the mightiest of lumberjacks. 

It was a rough one in NEPA. And that was the truth.

The back roads of Dorrance were particularly treacherous as wide…Read more

Days 2 and 3 -- Captain's Log: Stardates 2015.38 and 2015.39 

Saturday, February 7th.

Sunday, February 8th.

The time had come....


for KEYS!!

Now, being a pianist, this is surely one of my favorite parts of the recording process.

Oh, who am I kidding? Surely EVERY part of the recording process is my favorite part of the recording process! =p

I started Saturday night after quite a long day and a substantial lack of sleep, so my biggest challenge was... staying awake. Lol.

First thing we needed to do was find the right piano tone. I tend to be a perfectionist, (No…Read more

Day 1 -- Captain's Log: Stardate 2015.25 

First day in the studio. Nothing could stop us. Neither rain, nor wind, nor sleet, nor snow...

Ok... well... maybe snow.

With the pileup Mother Nature so graciously bestowed on us, Day 1 was pushed back from January 24th to the 25th.

But after THAT... nothing could stop us.

I arrived a few minutes late, courtesy of being detained at work, and by the horrendous line at the checkout at Wal-Mart. Once there though, I was ready and rarin' to go! Let's DO THIS!!

But... where was Shiny?

We were tracking drums today, so…Read more